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Aurora is the smallest of the Human cities but also the most exclusive. There are considered to be three ways of entry into the walls of Aurora: Excellence, Servitude or Stealth. You must either show talent for magic at a young age and be accepted into one of the two Arcanamies or take a manual labour role. The Thane of Aurora holds that if you are to be a citizen of Aurora you must have one of these two rolls but when inside the roles you are to treat each other as equal. The Naturally talented are forced to study magic and the Labourers are forced to work but have access to all the lessons and study when ever they wish. In some respects a Chef may learn more variety of spells than a Student as they are not restrained by what they study.

There are two quarters to the city, the Upper and Lower courts. The Upper Court consists of the Library, the Higher Arcanamy and the Study Halls, these take up the same space as an average district in any other city. The Lower Court is the residential buildings, labour halls and the Bayside Arcanamy.

Main Exports[]

  • Lesser Magical Items
  • Sunflare

Points of Interest[]

The Thane's Tower[]


The Library of Aurora[]


The Higher Arcanamy[]


The Bayside Arcanamy[]


Monument Square[]


The Servant Halls[]


The Gatehouse Tavern[]