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The Seal of Lak'Mak Kel


The great city of Lak'Mak Kel is the home to the Keppers. It is located at 3 Kilometers from sea level on a ridge of Cradel Mountain. The buildings are made mainly of wood and paper that is made in the mills. The streets are lit by Stardust Lanterns at nighttime. The only type of tree that can survive in the arid area of the Stardust mountains are Bonsai, which line the streets like low hanging clouds. During certain periods of the year the clouds decend to a level where they are in the streets allowing the citizens to swim through the streets. Consumption of Alcahol is banned in Lak'Mak Kel.

Main Exports[]

  • Stardust
  • Stone
  • Solarmelons
  • Berries

Points of Interest[]

Temple to Sol[]

Hou Yu Temple[]

Traveller's Inn[]

The Crop Fields[]

Gateway to Cradel Mountain[]

Lonely Heart Square[]

The Cloud Pools[]