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The Bespora are small, barbaric, toadstool people; resembling redcap toadstools which extend down into a muscular white body. Their eyes are small and beedy and their mouths are little more than slits. The Bespora are almost entirely white, their skin being comprised of mushroom stem, and they run from one to two feet tall. They are largely tribal, living in dense woods, amongst the grass of large plains, or even sometimes residing in the floorboards beneath a home.


The Bespora forgo any Gnomic technology, and even turn down the simple technology of the Blayds and Satyrs, choosing instead to rely on spears and flint to acheive their goals. They live in small, rabbitskin tents, which generally surround a small fire. They use the skin of small mammals to construct loincloths, and adorn themselves in the bones and teeth of insects and rats.

Relationship to Jakkal Un[]

Jakkal Un origionally intended to make one race, the Gnomes, however in the strain of creating the seasons, and of bringing chance to the world, he accidentally created the Bespora, who snuck away before he noticed. The Bespora worship Jakkal Un fervently, sacrificing their own kind at alters in his visage. They practice religious mutilation in that they carve symbols of Jakkal Un into their stemflesh. Jakkal Un has yet to realize they exist.