Little is known of the Ethereals other than that they live far in the northern arctic, They come down south often buying books and technology from other races, it is unkown wether they use these items or simply horde them, however it is suspected that they themselves have developed great magical and technological developments themselves as they have been seen trading strange and foreign machines for items of extreme value.

Ethereals are said to have no physical form, mainly because people often do not see them without a cloak or their battle armor on. Ethereals do have a physical form although they often choose not to show it and reports vary, they may appear to people as light with different auroras, some have reported they look humanoid. What is certain is that they have two legs and two arms, come in two sexes and eat. They can vary in size from 120cm to a towering 200cm.

They often only use violence in self defence and are mostly neutral towards everyone. Although some of the more brilliant minds of the races have forged friendships with the Ethereals. All of them do not comment about them to others, respecting their privacy.


It is not known wether the Ethereals have anything similar to any other society, wether they have marriage or how they reproduce, it is known that they value knowledge and technology, some theorise that they are not individuals but some kind of collective, once again this is not known.

Ethereals are quite fond of fish and seafood. Once a year they hold a festival in which the centrepeice is a Murdershrimp that everyone partakes of.

It is known that they hold Pohjoissuuntaa as their main god, going as far as naming their capital after him.

It is also known that they hold very high regard for the moon, considering it the beginning of all life.

Contrary to popular belief Ethereals are capable of having sex, as noted by a Prominent Knight who met Pohjoissuuntaa and was told he could ask 5 questions. The Knight died five days later after his wife killed him by pushing a bookcase and crushing him.

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