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Gnomes resemble humans in every aspect but size. They run from four to four and a half feet tall, their skin runs from pale white down to dark brown, and they are best known for their technological advancement. Gnomes reside in many industrious cities across Eden, including the Metropolis of Tak Thun, the Gnome capital.


Gnome technology is largely steam based. They have mastered the art of air travel using large dirigibles commonly reffered to as airships. Gnomes have also perfected the firearms, using Sunflare to create explosive rounds, sunflare is farmed in almost every major Gnome city. Gnomes share their technology willingly with any other race or city interested.

Relationship to Jakkal Un[]

Gnomes are the patron race of Jakkal Un, who blessed them with their affinity for the mechanical. Jakkal Un also granted them improved luck, and sometimes gives talks about self empowerment in Tak Thun. Worship of Jakkal Un is unesecary as he already grants them with whatever they need, regardless of weather or not they asked.


The Gnomic people are currently ruled by the Prime Minister Jaques Makud Dus, currently serving the second year of his five year term as leader. Makud Dus was elected democratically by the population of the three major gnome cities and the many smaller suburbs and hamlets with large Gnomic populations. Prime Ministers are expected to rule in accordance with Gnomic philosophies: that is to say, with the best interests of all people living under Gnomic Rule, not just the Gnomes. There is also no race restriction on who can hold the title of Gnomic Prime Minister, the Prime Minsiter preceding Makud Dus being in fact a Kepper.


Gnome Philosophy is based largely on acceptance, karma, and gambling. It is the Gnome way to share their vast technological wealth, to allow anyone into their cities, and to respect anyone with an idea or a plan, a trait often given as the reason their cities and empire extends as far as it does.