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The Plains of Jinik refers to the large expanse of savannah, plains, grasslands, marshes, moors, and fields that house the Gnomic people. The three great cities of Gnome exist within these plains, which stretch for miles upon miles in all directions, only small woodlands, monoliths, and village hamlets seperating the distance. The unending nature of the Plainse of Jinik has earnt it the moniker of The Shivering Desert, after the way the grass stalks move in the wind.

Cities of the Plains of Jinik[]

The Plains of Jinik are the natural homeland of the Gnomes, and all three of the major Gnomic cities were settled within it's green expanse. At the center, built on top of The Great Bronze Mine, is the metropolis that is Tak Thun, capital city of the Gnomes. To the East, toward the cities of Man, lies Rumas Ka, sister city to Aurora, it's great Solarmelon farms glistening in the beating sun. To the West, where grasslands become swamps and marshes, the floating city of Carduk Las, it's streets clogged with crime, mud, and a little bit of magic.